Business History

We – I, Gábor Benedek with my partner in our marriage and business, Mrs Benedek – established our company and launched our enterprise in February, 2005. Back at then defined we set up as a company with the main scope in business activity of forwarding, storing and manipulation of goods on international and national level. After many years of gaining and collecting experience and seeing the life of this field of business, also having worked as co-worker in multi-national companies with Dutch, Austrian and German interested parties throughout a long period of years, as well as after a phase of my life being a manager of a company, early in 2005 – then already enriched with both practical and theoretical knowledge – I heard the call of times to start our own venture that time with our own distinct image and profile and implements in business environment to provide services for our clients on a high-quality level for their content.

We – as owners holding and acting on responsibilities while managing a company with tasks of planning, offering and providing services – do know, declare and accept the fact that cost-effective solutions and correctness in implementation makes a content client. Beside guaranteeing all of that, for and during our co-operation with our partners and clients we from our side also provide and ensure the professionalism and expertise in trade, an up-to-date technological background with its implements and instruments, a well-functioning and time-honoured method in controlling, a network of our subcontractors successfully co-operating with us for a long period of years now, the skill and knowledge of planning working-processes and routes, suitably said: to reach the destination.
So as the manager of a company run by such rules of theory and practice I may dare to encourage you with a good heart to become our clients and partners with full confidence.