Complete logistics

Just as it is essential to provide a complete logistical background for the operation of our own business, it is also indispensable for other businesses.

Therefore, within the framework of our complete logistics service, we provide our clients with the full execution of warehousing, distribution and distribution tasks. Complete logistics include subcontracting, inspection, transport organisation, customs clearance, packing, inspection and monitoring of goods.

Our company strives to offer more in the field of complete logistics, we are exploring new opportunities and solutions to ensure continuous development. We carefully select and continuously expand the range of our subcontractors in order to provide our customers with the most possible opportunities in the field of complete logistics. Our employees and subcontractors also know their way through the complex system of administrative administration.

If it's complete logistics, why choose us?

  • Our 20 years of experience and excellent contacts guarantee quality service.
  • In the course of complete logistics, nothing can be avoided.
  • As an independent contractor on the market, we can guarantee the safety of your goods without any interests or conflicts of interest.
  • Our extensive subcontractors know nothing impossible.
  • Our complete logistics service is available throughout the day and throughout the week.