International shipping

Even in antiquity, global trade was of great importance. The first road network for foreign transport was established by the Romans. And the saying based on it is still up to this day: "All lords lead to Rome."

Of course, our company's foreign transport service is not only based in Italy, we also organize transport services to Germany, Austria, benelux countries, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

Foreign transport accounts for 99% of our activities, which is made more professional by our 20 years of professional experience. Over the years, we have not only gained professional experience, but we have built excellent partnerships to guarantee the success of foreign transport. With the help of our partners, we provide our customers with the most appropriate service at the best possible price.

Our employees and subcontractors are all familiar with legal mazes affecting foreign transport. We provide our customers with different permissions and documents as needed.

Why choose our company when it comes to shipping abroad?

  • As an independent participant in foreign transport, we can provide the best opportunities.
  • Our company can guarantee the safe delivery of the goods to its customers by excluding other interests and conflicts of interest.
  • In addition to the transport, we undertake to carry out other relevant administrations.
  • We undertake the transport and transport of complete, part, express, piece goods, dangerous and temperature controlled and other goods abroad.
  • Our foreign transport service is available 7 days a week, from morning to evening.

If you have something, but you have nothing and with whom, ask us.