Gábor és Társa 2005 Shipping and logistics Ltd.

Our company is a shipping-forwarding company pursuing the trade of transportation of goods all over Europe a company running a high-quality business activity guaranteed by its wide scope in business, its reliability in business practices and the experience of its staff-members.

We contract to plan, manage and implement the conveyance of full and part, express, ADR and other types of cargoes both within and outside the European Union, those same tasks of the single, casual and occasional cases of cargoes and inland distribution of goods, beginning those tasks from and with taking over control of the loads – via treatment of cargoes, the storing and manipulation of those, the customs administration, the assistance and support provided in completing the necessary documentation, also the information uninterruptedly given to and guaranteed for our partners throughout the whole process of our co-operation and commission with responsibility – up to the safe and monitored forwarding and receipt at destination.

We – our accurate and reliable management and crew, experienced and competent in the practice of forwarding, the carrying trade as well as in full-scale business-documentation are ready and prepared to become your partner in business, be and forward at your service.